The P.R.O. Formula: This transformational talk focuses on what it takes to develop the mindset of a true professional by abandoning the thoughts and actions of an amateur. Artesian shares very practical and easy to implement takeaways. Audience members learn how to develop mental toughness, focus, and extreme will power in the face of adversity. They also learn how to build good habits, increase their efficiency, and build momentum and so much more.

Straight A’s: Most people learn what it takes to earn A’s in school. What they do not learn is how to earn straights in life. In this presentation Artesian teaches the audience members how to earn straight A’s in life by applying what they already possess. Audience members learn how their response to the present determines the quality of their future and so much more. This dynamic talk has left many audiences with a paradigm shift for the better.

ABC’s of Leadership: In this presentation Artesian explains how leaders can get the most out of their employees by giving more of themselves. Artesian shares some of his most valuable experiences in leadership as a U.S. Marine and as an administrator throughout his career in higher education. Audience members learn how there is a hidden leader trapped inside every follower. They also learn how to take their leadership legacy from good to great and so much more.

Practice Makes Improvement: Practice does not make perfection, but it does make improvement. Artesian discusses how you can change your outcomes in life by changing the way you think about and implement practice in your daily routine. Audiences members learn how a little progress each day adds up to big results. It does not matter your profession, if you want to your life to be a reflection of what you are capable of then this talk is for you.